Crafted Meat – The New Meat Culture: Craft And Recipes

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Fine charcuterie made with passion and respect is experiencing an undeniable revival. Combining quality with consciousness, young butchers are shaking up the trade and making delectable products from premium ingredients, rediscovering pâtés, sausages, and cold cuts.

Crafted Meat documents current developments in today’s new meat culture for both epicures and makers. The book offers must-know information, delicious recipes, and expert tips for cooking enthusiasts and anyone who cares about what they eat.
Crafted Meat is a compelling visual reference on today’s new meat culture. The book documents current developments, products, and background stories for both epicures and makers. In addition to introducing the differences between cattle breeds and cuts of meat, it offers advice on which questions to ask a butcher and what to look for when making a purchase. It also includes guides for making liverwurst and salsiccia, an Italian sausage, as well as a selection of delicious recipes especially created for this book that bring the new meat movement to the home table.

Mouth-wateringly inspirational, Crafted Meat is an informative contemporary survey of a culinary art that plays a significant role in today’s new food culture.

Katalogové číslo GSTL_5596
Rozměr 24 × 28 cm
Poznámka Nakladatel: Hendrik Haase & Gestalten
Počet listů 256
O značce / GESTALTEN

Gestalten dokumentuje a předjímá zásadní pohyby v architektuře, vizuální kultuře, designu a módě, jídle, cestování a současném umění. Bez ohledu na médium, které je k dispozici, chce Gestalten informovat a inspirovat naši komunitu. Dopřejte si designové a obohacující čtení. 

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