The Hinterland – Cabins, Love Shacks and Other Hide-outs

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The Hinterland - útěk z velkoměsta a stereotypu. Zamilujte se do architektury uprostřed přírodou.

Making a home within the forest’s foliage. Using architectural remains as a foundation for a new retreat. These are the makings of many daydreams and the realities present in The Hinterland. For, even if it only lasts a moment, we all need a change of scenery. Cabins provide that coveted change. Located on mountain tops, nestled in villages, or ensconced in lush forests, The Hinterland showcases homey hide-outs and charming cabins from shelter to domicile. These getaways free us from the distracting and unessential, and offer to put us back in touch with nature and reclaim our own inner peace.

Thoughtfully crafted and built, the stories behind these structures are just as curious as the walls themselves. Through portraits of the inhabitants and their invitingly inventive homes, The Hinterland explores architecture and design approaches to creating works that refresh and revitalize amidst the beauty of nature. With the right materials and mindset, this stirring collection reveals that we can all create our own radiant refuge and follow the call of The Hinterland.

Editor: Gestalten

Katalogové číslo GSTL_9783899556636
Rozměr 24 × 30 mm
Poznámka Nakladatel: Gestalten 2016
Počet listů 288
ISBN 978-3-89955-663-6
O značce / GESTALTEN

Gestalten dokumentuje a předjímá zásadní pohyby v architektuře, vizuální kultuře, designu a módě, jídle, cestování a současném umění. Bez ohledu na médium, které je k dispozici, chce Gestalten informovat a inspirovat naši komunitu. Dopřejte si designové a obohacující čtení. 

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